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Our School

Our Vision

At Bellerive Primary School students learn the fundamental skills to be highly literate and numerate members of society in an ever changing world.

Strong collaborative relationships exist between students, staff and parents and diversity is embraced and celebrated throughout the school community.

Together we inspire and support each learner to succeed as creative and curious thinkers, who are connected, adaptable and resilient citizens, displaying empathy and courage.

Students engage in learning opportunities that are personalised, student-directed and focussed on meeting their academic, social, emotional, physical and creative needs.

Our Mission

Bellerive Primary School is a collaborative community that strives to ensure high levels of purposeful learning for each student. We focus on meeting the academic, social, emotional, physical and creative needs of all students.

Our Values

Be Kind

Make those around you feel like they belong. Be friendly and helpful whenever you can. Don’t ever accept bullying. Be responsible for your own behaviour and SMILE.

Be Your Best

Act with integrity and honesty. Set goals, challenge yourself and work hard to achieve them. Be responsible for your learning and dream BIG with all you do.

Be Courageous

Try something new and embrace opportunities. Be willing to take risks and if mistakes occur, learn from them. Ask for help and when difficulties arise, persevere.

Be Part of a Team

Work with others around the school and in your classroom. Include and encourage everyone in your group. Listen to other people’s opinions and ideas. Work together to achieve our goals.

Our Community

Bellerive Primary School is situated on the Eastern Shore of Hobart and enjoys terrific views of the Derwent River to the south and Mt Wellington to the west. Our school is in the hub of Bellerive which is mainly a residential suburb 10 minutes from the Hobart CBD. Bellerive is a very popular residential area with quality housing, easy access to the beach and shops and breathtaking views of Hobart’s natural features. The Bellerive Primary grounds are spacious and beautifully landscaped to allow for a wide variety of play and learning.

The majority of our parent population is employed and participate enthusiastically in school activities. Our parents strongly value education and hold high expectations that staff will provide a quality learning program which will foster success for their children at school and into the future. As a school community there is a real sense of pride with all staff, parents and students in being connected to Bellerive Primary School.

Our Students

Bellerive Primary has a school population of 490 students in classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The school has 19 classes with the average class size of 26. There is a mixture of straight and composite classes. Students at Bellerive Primary are happy and positive and strive to do their best in their learning, decision making and their interaction with others.

Our Staff

There is a team of 7 senior staff including the Principal, Assistant Principal, 4 AST's and the School Business Manager. In addition to our classroom teachers we have specialist staff in Music, Physical Education, French, Brass, Woodwind, Library, Information Technology and Gifted and Talented. Support staff including our Support Teacher, School Psychologist, Social Worker, School Chaplain, School Health Nurse and Language and Speech Pathologist provide specific services to assist student learning and development. The school also has Teacher Assistants, a Library Technician, Administrative Assistants, IT Support Officers and Educational Facility Attendants.

Our Parents

The school enjoys a close working relationship with its parent community and appreciates the home support and parental involvement at school that many parents provide to assist their child’s learning and the development of the school. The formal parent body at Bellerive Primary is the School Association which meets each month to assist with school decision making, school direction and fundraising.

Our Support

At Bellerive Primary we recognise that support for students and parents is required at times – learning, social, financial, emotional. As a caring, respectful and supportive school community, parents are encouraged to meet with the Principal on a confidential basis and discuss any assistance which may be required.